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pBuzz is a fun, novice-friendly wind instrument that plays like a straight trombone, the buzz is used by music educators and parents to introduce kids to brass wind instruments or just for musical fun. Offering a truly authentic experience of a proper mouthpiece, the buzz has a range of 6 notes through its move-able slide. The slide positions are outlined by color, note name and also slide positions 1 - 6 so that children can learn in many ways, from traditional notation or the Chroma Note color system, to help aid understanding of pitch and varying length. Designed to widen the appeal of plastic instruments, and engage a brand new market the buzz is the latest innovative venture from Warwick Music Group. The Coventry-based team of British brass musicians’ successes to date include the world’s first plastic trombone, pone, which was closely followed by the pBone Mini, and the award-winning pTrumpet. Research has shown that youngsters who have early exposure to musical instruments develop areas of the brain that relate to social, language and reasoning skills, as well as memory. The buzz can also help develop a child’s sensory and fine motor skills, encourage self-expression, stimulate imagination and creativity, build confidence and nurture their natural music talents.

pBuzz wins Gold in Primary Teacher Awards
pBuzz has received the highest accolade at the Primary Teacher Awards - which celebrate products that stimulate a child’s development - by taking the coveted Gold Award.

Mini Musicians
The brightly colored pBuzz has been specially designed for mini musicians’ little hands – making it easy and fun to hit the right note every time.

Hygenic BioCote Mouthpiece
The pBuzz mouthpiece is made with BioCote, a market leading antimicrobial technology for ultimate protection against microbes, such as bacteria and mold.


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