Per Del Standard PD-S310 10" Triangle, 3/8" Diameter

Brand: Per Del

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Per Del brings you over 30 years of triangle making experience.  Proudly made in the USA from the highest grade materials available. 

The Standard Series offers you a  wide variety of timbres, colors, and sound each with a durable mirror Chrome finish.  5/16", 3/8", and 1/2"  diameters give a wide range of attack and sustain.   Different sizes offer you a general range of pitch from highest (3" ) to lowest (10") within each timbre.  All the Standard Series instruments work very well in recording general performance settings.  These are great instruments to get when you need a range of sounds at an economical price.  

5/16" diameters for a light articulation and transparent tone. 3", 4", 5" sizes available.  
3/8"  diameters for a general articulation and all-around general tone.  4", 5", 6" , 8", 10"   sizes available.    
1/2" diameters for a brighter articulation and longer sustain.  4", 6", 8", 10"  sizes available. 

PD-S504    5/16" dia x 4" sides
PD-S505    5/16" dia x 5" sides

PD-S304    3/8"   dia x 4" sides
PD-S305    3/8"   dia x 5" sides
PD-S306    3/8"   dia x 6" sides
PD-S308    3/8"   dia x 8" sides
PD-S310    3/8"   dia x 10" sides


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