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Purposeful Pathways 2
Possibilities for the Elementary Music Room
by Roger Sams and Beth Ann Hepburn. Edited by Jill Trinka
Spiral Bound book and CD-ROM
179 pages

Purposeful Pathways:  Possibilities for the Music Classroom (Book 2) is a collection of curricular materials for learning music through active music making.   Based on the philosophies of Orff, Kodály, and Dalcroze, this collection of developmentally sequenced learning activities offers elementary music educators diverse choices for how to present folk song material, including lessons in singing, literacy, movement, improvisation, composition and instrumental ensemble. 

This volume comes with a CD-ROM of PDF files for printing hands-on manipulatives.  A CD-ROM of SMART Board electronic visuals (Item 853315) can be purchased separately.

Rhythmic concepts covered in Book 2 include:
steady beat, quarter note, quarter rest, two eighth notes, half note, half rest, dotted half note, whole note, whole rest, sixteenth notes

Pitch inventory covered in Book 2:
do, re, mi, so, la, do'

The King's Land
Little Robin Redbreast 
Witch, Witch
I See the Moon
Hipperty, Clipperty, Clackerty, Bang
Closet Key
Frog in the Meadow
Hop Old Squirrel
Queen, Queen Caroline
Christopher Crump
Needle and Thread
Who's That Tapping on My Window?
Let Us Chase the Squirrel
El Zapatero
I'm Gonna Sing
Old Blue
Old Mother Brown
Bow Wow Wow
Here Comes a Bluebird
I'm an Acorn
Winter Walking
Synthesis and Assimilation #1
Rocky Mountain
Great Big House
Whenever I Go Out to Walk
Deta, Deta
Synthesis and Assimilation #2
Fais Dodo
Chick, Chick, Chatterman
Piccadilly Travel
Sixteenth Note Percussion
Morning Bells
Little Tommy Tinker


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