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Race Around the World
By: David Krosner

Race Around The World is an interdisciplinary game that brings together a marriage of music and social studies. This book and the supplemental CD-ROM offer ways to integrate multiple disciplines into the music curriculum. The pieces in this book are a smattering of folk music from around the world. Due to the oral tradition of folk music, some melodies are not as you may have seen them in other books.

The PACD included with the Teachers Edition (BPP-RATE), contains full performance audio tracks of each piece as well as accompaniment versions minus the soprano recorder tracks. The audio tracks are suitable for classroom and individual practice sessions as well as accompaniment for public performance. Full Orff instrument scores for each piece by Brent Holl and Michael Nichols are available in the Teacher's Edition (BPP-RATE) in PDF format. The teacher's edition also includes correlations to the National Standards for Music and Social Studies for each song.

The inter-active website has animated graphics files, country information and pictures for use with interactive white boards and presentation stations, as well as mp3 files of the practice tracks for each song. Students are able to get online and practice with the accompaniments. They can also research each nation "visited."

The Student Book contains everything each student needs to successfully navigate the game. There are duet scores for each recorder song as well as rules for the game, a passport to be "stamped," and country information for each song. The student books are sold separately and in 10-packs with special pricing.


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