Recorder Baseball


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Recorder Baseball

By Nancy Otto


Recorder Baseball is an assessment game created by the author to encourage a class of 6th graders to practice their recorders. Students reluctant to play their recorder earlier in the year would walk into the music room and ask, “Can we play Recorder Baseball today?”


This CD contains animated PowerPoint Presentations of 6 versions. The versions are as follows: 



Word files of each version are included in case you do not have an interactive white board in your classroom. Simply print the files on heavy card stock and your classes can be playing Recorder Baseball the way it all started!


Each version includes 24 SINGLES and 24 DOUBLES.  SINGLES include one 4 beat measure while DOUBLES include two 4 beat measures. This team game is designed to assess your students’ ability to sight read notes on the treble clef. I have deliberately removed any rhythm reading by making the notes all quarter notes so that the students can focus on staff notation. To add more excitement to the game, the words WALKTRIPLE or HOME RUN may appear. When this happens, students will advance to the appropriate base without having to play their recorder. This is the part of the game that the children LOVE!!


Students will enjoy Recorder Baseball and teachers will love the ability to individually assess students in an exciting new way!  BATTER UP!!


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