Remo 14" x 3.5" Buffalo Drum with Comfort Sound Technology Drumhead

Brand: Remo

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Remo's buffalo drums with Comfort Sound Technology (CST) produce a warm, full tone, while remaining accessible to people with sound sensitivities. They feature a black matte finish, Acousticon shell with a secure nylon rope handle which makes the drum easy and comfortable to hold.

This drum's ability to produce a big vibration while keeping volume levels down make it a popular choice for Music Therapy sessions and other recreational activities.

Remo CST buffalo drums are available in 14", 16" and 22" sizes.



-Three sizes - 14" x 3.5", 16" x 3.5", 22" x 3.5"

-Comfort Sound Technology drumhead

-Black matte Acousticon shell

-Nylon rope handle

-Black mallet included



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