Remo 14.875" x 9" Pre-Tuned Versa Timbau, Carnaval, Skyndeep Head

Brand: Remo

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Lightweight, nestable and compact, the VERSA Timbau Drum is the latest in a long line of Remo innovations and features Remo's "TAPER-FIT DRUM COUPLING" drum head.

This drum head technology, patent pending both domestically and internationally, is engineered to create an easy, self-sealing fit with the VERSA Timbau.  This innovative, pretuned drumhead gives the VERSA Timbau Drum rich bass tones and an overall high quality of sound.
Easily remove the drumhead and play it like a frame drum or switch the headwith the head from another Versa drum to transform sound of the drum.
For easy portability and space saving storage,  the VERSA Timbau Drums are nestable.
Remo PreTuned Versa Timbau: Carnaval Finish
14.875” Tall x 9” Diameter
TF15 Medium Pitch Head



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