Remo 22" x 5" Tunable Drum Table with Black Skyndeep Fiberskyn Head, T2 Tilting Stand, Mallets

Brand: Remo

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This 22" drum table features Remo's Black Skyndeep Fibrskyn drum head.

This 22" drum table will accommodate 2-3 adults or 3-4 children. Remo's lightweight T2 stand adjusts to heights from 27.75" to 37" (measured from the floor to the top of the drumhead). This allows the drum to be adjusted to accommodate players who are standing or sitting. The T2 stand will also tilt up to 65 degrees, accommodating players who are in a seated or reclining position.


-Black Skyndeep Fiberskyn Head
-Black Finish
-Adjustable T2 Lightweight Tilting Stand
-1 Pair NSL Black Mallets


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