Remo 30" x 5" Tunable Drum Table with Comfort Sound Technology, 3 Pairs of Mallets

Brand: Remo

Item: #205224
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This 30" drum table features Remo's remarkable Comfort Sound Technology. The drum head is a unique composite material that reduces high-frequency overtones and slows vibration.

These drums have been thoroughly tested in Music Therapy settings. The results show that, compared to conventional drums, the Comfort Sound drum tables prove to be more accessible to those who are sensitive to sound. Music Therapists discovered that individuals who were otherwise over-stimulated by loud noises were choosing to sit under the drums while the drums were played. The Music Therapists describe the vibrations and vibrotactile sensations of the drum as calming to some clients.




-Comfort Sound Drumhead

-Island Finish

-Equipped with 4 Rubber feet to comfortably sit on a level surface

-3 Pairs of NSL Black Mallets



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