Remo Fiberskyn 3 Type 1 MN-1216-FA 16" Mondo Djun-Djun Head

Brand: Remo

Item: #258703
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A MONDO™ drumhead is defined by its construction style. These heads feature a straight-wall ACOUSTICON™ construction. Mondo heads are stronger, more durable and available in varying degrees of thickness from lightweight (resembling goat skin) to heavy (resembling mule or cowhide). Unlike animal skin, these heads are resilient to variations in weather and climate, making them easy to tune and play in any condition.

Type 1 heads are made with FIBERSKYN® 3 and fit Remo’s Djun-Djuns, Gathering drums, and Arthur Hull’s Nesting drums. These heads feature a straight-wall ACOUSTICON™ construction in order to easily fit larger drums. Type 1 heads are pretuned and designed with a thumb-sized notch on each side so they can also be used independently as hand drums.

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