Remo First Sounds: Rhythm, Breath & Lullaby Kit

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Remo's Rhythm, Breath & Lullaby Kit was developed by Joanne Loewy, DA, LCAT, MT-BC at Beth Israel Medical Center and is currently being integrated by 23 NICU Music Therapists in 9 countries. First Sounds: Rhythm, Breath and Lullaby is a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Music Therapy training program being developed internationally. The program is founded on evidence-based research led by an integrative team of doctors, nurses and music therapists in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

This kit, along with the voice, emulates the intrauterine sound environment, to help promote sleep in premature infants. The included 16" Lullaby Ocean Disc and Gato Box are instruments proven to be suited for entraining to an infant’s vital signs and may assist in self-regulation. The kit also includes a heavy-duty cushioned canvas backpack.

The Ocean Disc has an easy to clean, synthetic head that features the "Baby Feet in Hands" graphic.

How do I play the Ocean Disc?
The Lullaby Ocean Disc can be played by holding the instrument with two hands, or by placing it on your lap. With the "Baby Feet in Hands" graphic facing up, gently and slowly rock it back and forth. Watch the beads and allow them to gently swirl, making a "whoosh" sound.



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