Remo Rhythm Pal Drum, 13" x 18", With Pretuned Comfort Sound Technology Head, Black

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Our Perspective

Remo's Rhythm Pals are an amazing addition to any ensemble.  You can play this instrument as a hand drum or with mallets or sticks.  Make sure to grab the Remo Rhythm Pal Snare Clip to add an awesome snare drum sound to your Remo Rhythm Pals. 


If you need bucket drumming resources checkout Mark Shelton's "Give me a Bucket"  to get started.  Item #845989


~Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant for Classroom Percussion and Wellness



Remo’s Rhythm Pal Drums are one of the most complete percussion products ever developed! These drums are easily playable and very portable. The Rhythm Pal Drum features a glossy black, 90 mm thick 6 gallon pail as the drum body and are available in two models. This model features the popular Comfort Sound Technology head that produces a warm, muted bass tone.  A Rhythm Pal featuring the 15mm Skyndeep head is also available.

Applying the drumhead to the pail with a slight downward pressure creates a “Press Fit” seal that produces the best tonal frequency.

Most hardware stores or big box stores carry a thinner less expensive pail that works with the Rhythm Pal Drumhead. For fun and easy playing there is no excuse for any house, apartment, or dorm room to be without a RHYTHM PAL.

A unique snare drum sound is also available with the addition of the new “patent pending” “SNARE CLIP” (263277). This snare device simply sits on the inside of the pail with the drumhead placed on top. You will be amazed at the professional-like sounds.

Remo Rhythm Pal Skyndeep heads are also available to purchase separately in a higher pitched 10mm thickness (205004), mid-range 15mm thickness (263269) and a 20mm thick bass tone (263270). Additional CST Rhythm Pal heads are also available for purchase (263276).

-Black Remo 6 gallon pail
-Pretuned CST Rhythm Pal drum head
-Shoulder strap

Optional Accessories:
-10mm Bright Skyndeep head
-15mm Medium Skyndeep head
-20mm Dark Skyndeep head
-6 strand snare clip



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