Remo Tamani Talking Drum, 6"x15", Skyndeep 'Lizard Stripe' Head, Antique Finish

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Our Perspective

The Remo Tamani Talking Drum is an ultimate hit for any musician.  The Ultratac Skyndeep head looks like a lizard skin and the tactile stimulation of the surface of the head adds another sensory level to this unqiue instrument.  The overall sound and quality of the pitch bending range is medium.  I highly recommend this talking drum for any ensemble.

~Tereasa Evans, Music Education Consultant


This hour glass shaped drum emulates the original Tama drum from Senegal, Africa.

Remo's inventive drum and drumhead experience makes it possible to bring this ancient instrument to the modern world!

Historically, Talking drum masters could actually send messages to others by striking the drum with a curve drum stick modulating the pitch by squeezing or pulling the strings.

-Skyndeep Ultratac Lizard graphic synthetic drumhead
-Acousticon drum shell with Antique finish
-6" diameter x 15" height
-Traditional rope tuning

Mallet not included. See item number 254788.

Replacement heads are available.


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