Remo Versa DP-VSTU-CC-CST Tubano Pack, Orange, CST

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Remo Versa Tubano drums are a quality drum for your music classroom, therapy session, or virtually any drumming situation! These drums feature a Comfort Sound Technology® (CST) head and an Acousticon® shell that is made of 99.9% recycled wood materials. This means that they will withstand climate changes, exuberant playing, and will be a long-lasting addition to your percussion collection. With this set of three Versa Tubanos, you will get clear high, medium and low tones, giving the option to play drum ensembles if desired. Additionally, the CST heads allow you to play in areas where low volume is required without sacrificing tone quality.

Additional features of the Remo Versa set of three Tubanos include:

-Attached carrying handle
-Molded feet to provide comfort while playing from a sitting position, as well as balance to prevent unwanted tilting
-Designed be nested together for easy transport and storage
-Drum heads are easily removed with the included tool
-Drum heads can be played as frame drums
-Each drum has an CST head
-Three head diameter sizes: 9” for the highest tone, 11” for a medium tone, and 13” for the lowest tone; all are shortened to 24.5” in height
-Available only in orange finish as shown



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