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Rhythm of Math
Teaching Mathematics with Body Music
By Keith Terry and Lilnda Akiyama
Spiral-bound Book and DVD
165 pages
Grades 3 - 5

Hear, see, and feel mathematics!

Rhythm of Math is a kinethetic approach to math for grades 3 - 5. The unit was created by percussionist Keith Terry and elementary school teacher Linda Akiyama, based on the Body Music system Mr. Terry has been developing since 1978.

Body Music uses clapping, stepping, and vocalizing to explore patterning and internalize rhythm. In Rhythm of Math, students learn essential math concepts - addition, multiplication, division, and fractions - by using their hands, feet and voice in a creative rhythmic experience that engages them mentally and physically.

Detailed lesson plans connect rhythmic patterns to mathematics. The lessons contain support material and reproducible student activity pages. Lesson objectives address Common Core Mathematics Standards. Lessons are divided into rhythm activities, mathematics activities, and composition and math application activities. An instructional DVD shows how to play and teach all rhythms.

The Student Journal section has two reproducible pages for each lesson. On one page, students are asked to reason mathematically while applying concepts introduced in the lesson. The other page is to be used for creating rhythms using their math knowledge.

Going Further pages provide challenging problem-solving activities for upper elementary students.

Lesson Support pages contain charts, warm ups, techniques, games, and extension activities to support the lessons.

Lesson 1: Rhythm Blocks and Math
Lesson 2: Whole Number Properties and Rhythmic Variations
Lesson 3: Create a Rhythmic Composition with Multiplication
Lesson 4: Polymeters and Multiplication
Lesson 5: Explore Division with Twelve Beat Rhythms
Lesson 6: Fractions and the Rhythmic Unit
Lesson 7: Rhythm and the Associative Property of Addition
Lesson 8: Rhythms to Share

Rhythm of Math Student Journal
Going Further Activities
Lesson Support

Rhythm Glossary


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