Rhythmic Kinesthetics

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Rhythmic Kinesthetics  
Fun Percussion-based Activities & Games for the Classroom
By Jeff Stewart
Book & DVD
80 pages

Rhythmic Kinesthetics presents a series of games and activities incorporating music, movement, and motor skills that help express emotions, build concentration, and sharpen sensory awareness. A wonderful tool for individuals, educators, community facilitators, and social workers, this curriculum provides an environment for people of all ages, cultures, and abilities to participate, where they will apply and develop their music skills through a hands-on approach.

The book features a variety of creative movement and social/communication activities integrated with music to introduce and foster musical skills in a creative setting. Rhythmic Kinesthetics provides diverse forms of world music-based compositions, drum circle games, and activities using a wide variety of percussion-based instruments including Boomwhackers, world drums, sound shapes/frame drums, Orff instruments, and body percussion.

An instructional DVD showcasing both school and community performances is included with the book.

Rhythmic Kinesthetics and Three Dimensions  
Etiquette for the Classroom/Drum Circle

Chapter 1 - Boomwhackers - Fun and Joy Songs/Activities
Chapter 2 - Compositions for Boomwhackers and World Percussion Instruments

Chapter 3 - Sound Shape/Frame Drum Activities

Chapter 4 - Fun Integrated Games/Activities

Chapter 5 - Drumming/Percussion Activities with Movement

Chapter 6 - Hand Drumming FUN!

Chapter 7 - Observation Evaluation by Part/Group or Section

Chapter 8 - Modifications and Suggestions for Teachers

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