Roli Seaboard RISE 49 Note USB Controller Keyboard

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The ROLI Seaboard RISE is not just a MIDI controller or synth, it's a futuristic performance and recording device that can open up more worlds and sounds through your imagination. As the world's first truly accessible expressive controller, the Seaboard RISE moves from a unidimensional device like most keyboards to a multidimensional level. Paired with Equator, the Seaboard's powerful software synthesizer, the Seaboard RISE unlocks unprecedented creative possibilities for contemporary musicians in a joyfully-crafted evolution of the keyboard.

Utilizing a sensor-embedded "keywave" surface that is incredibly soft and sensitive, this controller responds to the subtlest movements, allowing the performer to map 5 dimensions of tough (5D Touch) to sound. The range of gestural control is the source of the instrument's multidimensional expressiveness.

The 5D Touch is:

  • Strike: The velocity at which a finger strikes a keywave
  • Press: The pressure applied to the keywave after the initial Strike
  • Glide: Horizontal left and right movements for pitch bend, vibrato, and glissando
  • Slide: Vertical movements up and down a keywave to control a variety of filters
  • Lift: The velocity at which a finger lifts off a keywave

ROLI Seaboard RISEĀ 49 features:

  • 49 keywaves based on SEA Interface technology
  • Multidimensional polyphonic expression through patented, pressure-sensitive silicone keywave surface
  • Bundled with Equator, ROLI's custom-built software synthesizer designed exclusively for multidimensional expression
  • Multi-platform compatibility with DAWs, instruments, and plug-ins across OS X, iOS, and Windows platforms
  • Portable, slim, and lightweight
  • Internal battery powered. Up to 8 hours of play. Charged via USB
  • Wireless with MIDI over Bluetooth
  • Dimensions: 32.83" x 8.27" x 0.9" / 12.13 lbs.


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