Ron Vaughn CYMM-4B Cymbal Mallets, Birch Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn CYMM-4B Cymbal Mallets feature 13" matched and balanced birch shafts, 1/4" diameter with a Pearl Gray color band. The balance and weight of the CymM-4's provide almost effortless cymbal rolls with long, even crescendos and decrescendos, with no audible evidence of the players rhythmic roll strokes.

The CYMM-4's are also capable of rapid dynamic expressions on cymbals such as szforzandos, and with practice, a superb subito piano. The dense mallet head fabric texture can suppress cymbal vibration without distortion or choke.

Ron originally developed these mallets in the 1970's while doing a lot of playing in symphonies, on pop and jazz tours, and extensive studio work in the United States and South America. The CymM-4's are voiced/designed for cymbals generally from 14 inches in diameter and larger. For very large cymbals, the CymM-5's are the better choice.

Performance Tips:

Both the Cym-4's and CymM-5's are excellent for priming gongs of all sizes, particularly larger gongs and tam tams, wind gongs, etc.

Use one or two of these mallets in one hand to prime gongs. Gently roll the mallet(s) on a gong or large tam tam. The CymM-4's natural density will start the instrument vibrating in an almost in-audible range. Then, the primary accent note(s) speak with more speed, predictability, and presence of sound.


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