Ron Vaughn LBM-3R Large Woodblock Mallets, Rattan Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn LBM-3R Large Woodblock Mallets feature 14" matched and balanced rattan shafts that are 5/16" in diameter with a violet color band. The weight and density of the LBM-3 mallet head has been designed through years of live performances and studio work by Ron. The rattan in all of Ron's mallets is hand picked, first for general quality. It is then sorted for the right diameter of the specific mallet models, always matching mass and density to the intended instrument specifically for the sound capabilities of larger blocks and temple blocks. To get the pure sound of larger blocks and temple blocks, these mallets have an ideal mallet head weight-to-instrument ratio. Deliver the full range of tonal sound offered by larger blocks and temple blocks every time you practice, perform, or record.


The LBM-3's can also be used briefly on cymbals for Multiple Percussion parts that move too quickly to allow mallet changes. For regular/extensive suspended cymbal mallet playing, use Ron's CymM-4's and CymM-5's.


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