Ron Vaughn MARIMM-6B Marimba Mallets, Birch Shafts

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The Ron Vaughn MARIMM-6B Marimba Mallets feature 1/4" diameter x 15 1/2 " long, matched and balanced birch shafts with a light green color band for easy identification.

Ron's High Density mallets are often used by solo and ensemble performers for Marimba and Vibe recordings and live performance. the MarimM-6's are offered in Birch shafts, MarimM-6B with a Light Green color band, or in Rattan shafts, MarimM-6R with a Light Blue color band. The MarimM-6's have many of the characteristics of the CymM-4's and 5's. One of the major differences is in the shaft length, as players today often prefer a longer keyboard mallet shaft. Other differences have to do with how the mallet heads 'seat' or 'work in'. When a performer plays Marimba and Vibraphone parts, the angle of the mallets is unique, always depending on the individual player. Ultimately, this shapes the mallet heads in important ways that provide the performer with a reliable, consistent result during performance.

The bottom line: As a performer, you can think about your playing and the sounds you are creating, and not your equipment. Mallets should always compliment your musicality and performance. The MarimM-6's are made with the same superb, hand picked Birch and Rattan, as with all of Ron's mallets, making 4-mallet sets easy to select for balanced performance.

Performance Tip: MarimM-6's draw the full depth of sound that keyboard bars offer, due to their carefully balanced and increased density. Performers generally find that MarimM-6's provide excellent keyboard dynamic control with very little expended energy by the performer.


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