Ron Vaughn MBM-2R Medium Woodblock Mallets, Rattan Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn MBM-2R Medium Woodblock Mallets feature 14" matched and balanced rattan shafts that are 5/16" in diameter with a yellow color band. These mallets are designed for Ron's Wood Block models W-2, a 7 inch Black Walnut block tuned to about an E natural, and Ron's W-3, a 9 inch Hard maple block tuned to about a C sharp.


The MBM-2's are excellent for performance situations where changing mallets in mid-performance is not practical. Of all of Ron's High-Density head mallets, the MBM-2's offer the best overall sound on blocks, (and suspended cymbals), if you have to pick a single pair only. For fast moving pieces requiring a wide range of block sizes and pitches, and maybe a little cymbal/keyboard work, the MBM-2's are a good choice.


The MBm-2's are remarkably versatile in weight and design for many types of Multiple Percussion work, especially where mallet change time is limited.


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