Ron Vaughn PBM-1R Piccolo Woodblock Mallets, Rattan Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn PBM-1R Piccolo Woodblock Mallets feature 14" matched and balanced rattan shafts that are 5/16 " in diameter with a Turquoise color band. These mallets are intended for Ron's Piccolo Wood Blocks and other small blocks. The PBM-1B's are a specific use mallet, intended for the smallest of Ron's professional Wood Blocks: the W-1, tuned to about a high C sharp, and the W-1.3 tuned to about an A natural. The PBM-1's bring out the best from these small, high-pitched blocks.


The PBM-1’s have an added brass core that brings an even more balanced presence of sound to brilliant, high-pitched blocks.


"Matching mallet density to an instrument is always central to achieving the best sound presence the instrument has to offer. Piccolo blocks are less forgiving than most all others when mallets don't match the performance/instrument need. The W-1 and W-1.3 are so small and brilliant, they require ideal mallet surface hardness, mallet head mass, and well matched mallet shaft length, diameter, and weight", says Ron.


Professional players also use the PBM-1R's for four and six mallet xylophone parts. The PBM-1R's are light and fast, quick to respond when parts require additional agility and speed.


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