Ron Vaughn SBM-1.5B Small Woodblock Mallets, Birch Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn SBM-1.5B Small Woodblock Mallets feature 13" matched and balanced birch shafts that are 1/4" in diameter with a gold color band. These mallets offer the ideal mallet for Ron's W-1.5 Wood Blocks. The mallet heads are in Ron's High Density design family, providing ideal balance between mallet size and mass for small Wood Blocks of all kinds.


Like all of Ron's mallets, these SBM-1.5's are useful in a range of block sizes, centering around the W-1.5 North American Black Cherry block. The W-1.5 is tuned to about a high F natural, and is about 6 inches in length. The SBM-1.5's allow small blocks like the W-1.5 to sound at their full, higher pitched potential. None of the block sound is lost to the harsh contact-noise of a mallet too hard for the W-1.5, nor is any sound lost to the muffling of a mallet too soft. Clear, brilliant sound is delivered by the SBM-1.5's.


The SBM-1.5's are effective in a range of blocks slightly above and slightly below the W-1.5, when performance time does not allow for mallet changes.


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