Ron Vaughn TBELL-1B Tiny Bell Mallets, Birch Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn TBELL-1B Tiny Bell Mallets feature 1/4" solid brass mallet heads with 1/8" diameter x 13"long matched and balanced birch shafts with 1/4" black polymer sleeves.

Ron's Petite Mallets remained a curiosity for only a short time as players around the world began to discover their unique contributions to performance and sound creation on bells, bell trees, and many other percussion instruments.

Beautiful on bells and cymbals of all kinds, these Petite mallets also became very popular and remain so in New York, Paris, and other centers of performance, with the success of Les Miserables.

Recent Innovation: In 2008 Ron added a second short black sleeve to the ball end of the mallet to provide even better performance balance.

Performance Note: Jazz and Pop players have expanded the value of these tiny mallets for use on cymbals of all sizes in ballads and moderate dynamic compositions of all kinds. These TBell mallets speak with a clear, brilliant, quick voice on cymbal bells and surfaces. They easily hold their own in volume production when used in these softer pieces, and are irreplaceable for their clarity, presence of sound, and creative opportunities.

Performance Tip: Ron Vaughn Tiny Bell mallets are great specialty mallets to have as you play all styles of music. Use them in soft settings to get unusual sounds from cymbals by drawing the mallet head across the cymbal surface, play triangles and crotales, and many other metal percussion instruments.


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