Ron Vaughn XYLOM-9R Xylophone Mallets, Rattan Shafts

Brand: Ron Vaughn

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The Ron Vaughn XYLOM-9R Xylophone Mallets feature 5/16" diameter x 14" length, matched and balanced rattan shafts. The malle head is comprised of a 3/4" black polymer head  with a brass core.

The XyloM-9's are as reliable a Xylophone mallet as can be found. Trusted by performers of all kinds for many years, the XyloM-9's deliver brilliant sound presence on both natural and synthetic Xylophone keyboards. The XyloM-9 mallets are offered in Birch shafts, XyloM-9B, or with Rattan shafts, XyloM-9R.

The weight and balance of the XyloM-9 mallets provides ideal balance for all kinds of high spirited, bright and lively Xylophone parts. From George Gershwin's Porgy and Bess or An American In Paris, to Aaron Copeland compositions, to Loony Tunes sound tracks and music scores of all kinds.

The XyloM-9's are designed for fast speaking, articulate performances so often part of colorful Xylophone parts and compositions. Ron Vaughn Xylophone mallets provide a bright, crisp keyboard attack, enhancing the naturally brilliant sound of many Xylophone keyboards. Mallet heads are complete brass-core design to deliver the balance most players seek for this quick-speaking, tonally bright instrument. Four and Six mallet sets are easy to assembly from the well matched, hand-picked shafts.

Performance Tip: Xylo-9's are ideal for four mallet parts where bright articulation of all four voices is required. They also double well for bell parts when mallet change-time is limited. Multiple Percussion pieces are full of opportunities for these time-tested, hand matched mallets.


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