Sabian AAX 21200X 12" O-Zone Splash

Brand: Sabian

Item: #212566
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With its 'Dynamic Focus' design ensuring total response accuracy and modern bright, shimmering sounds at all volume levels, AAX gives you control in any style of music. Touch it... thrash it. Only AAX delivers such consistently crisp, clear responses.

AAX Splash
Extremely fast and very bright, with strong penetrating cut.
6"    20605X
8"    20805X
10"  21005X
12"  21205X

O-Zone Splash
With its multi-hole design, this small model sounds bright and airy, with a degree of agitation.
10"   21000X
12"   21200X

Metal Splash
A loud, tight, extremely cutting, and highly durable splash.
12"   21209X


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