Sabian AAX 21668X 16" Dark Crash

Brand: Sabian

Item: #210356
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With its 'Dynamic Focus' design ensuring total response accuracy and modern bright, shimmering sounds at all volume levels, AAX gives you control in any style of music. Touch it... thrash it. Only AAX delivers such consistently crisp, clear responses.

Studio Crash
Thin design and small bell for quick response, tonally full, glassy, and shimmering accents.
13"   21306X
14"   21406X
15"   21506X
16"   21606X
17"   21706X
18"   21806X
19"   21906X
20"   22006X

Dark Crash
Dramatically dark and dry, this moody cymbal creates a definite presence.
14"   21468X
15"   21568X
16"   21668X
17"   21768X
18"   21868X
19"   21968X
20"   22068X

Bright Crash
A penetrating crash offering bright responses and full-bodied sounds at all dynamic levels.
16"   21637X
18"   21837X

Stage Crash
Explosive, full-response sound is rich with bright, high-end tone, for increased cutting power.
16"   21608X
17"   21708X
18"   21808X
19"   21908X
20"   22008X

X-Plosion Crash
Bursting with bright, explosive attack, this model delivers penetrating definition with total presence and power.
14"   21487XB
15"   21587XB
16"   21687XB
17"   21787XB
18"   21887XB
19"   21987XB
20"   22087XB

Metal Crash
Solid response is fast and bright, for maximum penetrating power in even the loudest music.
16"   21609X
18"   21809X
19"   21909X
20"   22009X

O-Zone Crash
With a bright, shimmering sound and a multi-holed design increasing the agitation in its tone, this O-Zone delivers bite with a touch of anger.
16"   21600X
18"   21800X
20"   22000X

El Sabor Picante Hand Crash
Designed for percussionists to slap by hand, this thin-edged, semi-lathed model explodes with bright, dirt-edged sound.
16"   21660XH
18"   21860XH


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