Sabian Hand Hammered 11607 16" Medium Thin Crash

Brand: Sabian

Item: #210195
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Sabian's Hand Hammered series cymbals are tonally rich with a dark, musically complex tone, offering the ultimate in vintage dark sounds. Individually crafted, each cymbal has a unique personality that lets you find your own one-of-a-kind sound in a selection of models for every style, from jazz to rock.

Hand Hammered Thin crash   
Very musical sound is low, dark and warm. Full-bodied response is impactful, with rapid decay rate. 
14"    11406                 
15"    11506                  
16"    11606                 
17"    11706                 
18"    11806                 

Hand Hammered Medium Thin crash   
Mixes power and tone for explosive response and moderate sustain.  
16"    11607                 
17"    11707                 
18"    11807 

Hand Hammered Sound Control crash   
Thin, flanged edge increases sensitivity and response rate, for fast, very glassy, splash-like sounds.  
16"    11640 

Hand Hammered Duo crash   
Semi-raw design results in immediate, punchy, earthy accenting burst with quick, smooth decay. 
16"    11665

Hand Hammered Dark crash   
Dark responses are dry and moody, for fast crashing, quick accents and added punch. 
16"    11668               
18"    11868

Hand Hammered Medium crash   
Heavier weight increases power and focus, for increasingly direct and louder responses. 
16"    11608                   
18"    11808   
Hand Hammered Rock crash   
Raised profile and big bell add volume and cut for dark, punchy and powerful accents. 
16"    11609                                
18"    11809  


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