Sabian HHX 11994XBH 19 Inch Synergy Heavy Hand Cymbals

Brand: Sabian

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Featuring a special ‘Touch Response’ design, this professional pairing is cited by Sabian and renowned percussionists Dennis DeLucia, Rich Viano, Raynor Carroll and Bob Becker as extremely easy to play and ideal for everything fromorchestral to concert and marching band applications. Available in sizes 17”, 18”, 19”, 20” and 21” and in two model weights – Medium and Heavy, HHX Synergy offers increased musicality, boosted projection, wider dynamic sensitivity, and greaterperformance control.

According to SABIAN master product specialist Mark Love: “HHX Synergy boosts the potential of any player – student or professional – to perform and sound better because these cymbals are exceptionally responsive and so easy to play. They have aglassy high end with extreme volume, but retain the mids and a throaty low-end. Their innovative ‘Touch Response’ design makes it virtually impossible to misplay them. It’s as if a synergy happens between the player and the cymbals; the resultingsound is always greater than the performer’s ability or technique, thus the Synergy name.”

Added DCI Hall of Fame member Ralph Hardimon: “Synergy are the best marching cymbals I’ve ever experienced. They produce a full sound that blends the low, mid and high partials in a warm and very musical spread. They are also very articulate,with amazing projection and incredible sustain. I found them exceptionally easy to play and control. These cymbals do it all!”

Individually hand crafted from SABIAN B20 Bronze, HHX Synergy feature a heavily hammered surface for increased tone and a high profile for boosted projection. They are aged to maturity before being ‘Sonically Matched’ for optimum pairingcompatibility by the specialists in the SABIAN Vault. Available exclusively in Brilliant Finish, HHX Synergy is quality-protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty (North America only).

* SABIAN HHX has won an unprecedented two consecutive MIPA awards for ‘Outstanding Cymbal’.

HHX Synergy Medium Band & Orchestral
Embracing low, mid and high partials within a smooth, robust response that is totally musical, these cymbals play with absolute ease. 
17"   11794XBM
18"   11894XBM
19"   11994XBM
20"   12094XBM
21"   12194XBM

HHX Synergy Heavy Band & Orchestral
Heavy weight ensures robust response and increased projection while cooling the warm simmer in the sound of this dynamic pairing.
17"   11794XBH
18"   11894XBH
19"   11994XBH
20"   12094XBH
21"   12194XBH


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