Sabian HHX 12023XNSET 16",18", 20" Suspended Set

Brand: Sabian

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Projection. HHX puts out rich, simmering tones that burn through the coolest music. Super-sized hammering and an exclusive Tone Projection feature add bite to project the musical sounds of HHX through everything from pumped-up grooves and thickly textured tracks, to guitar-heavy, high-end wailing. HHX combines the best of two worlds, Traditional Tone and Modern Projection. With HHX compromise is not an option.

HHX Suspended Band & Orchestral   
Just touching this sensitive model creates a warm, dark musical spread, with a tonal range that extends upwards as volume increases. 
16"    11623XN             
17"    11723XN       
18"    11823XN         
19"    11923XN           
20"    12023XN 

HJHX Suspended SET 

Sabian offers you a Factory matched set of the most popular HHX Suspended series cymbals.   With this set you get one each of 16" , 18" , and 20"  HHX  Suspended.

12023XNSET    16,18,20 HHX  Suspended


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