Silk Road, 2 Disc Set


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The Silk Road
A Musical Caravan
2 Disc Set
146 minutes

A panoramic sweep of the vast and rich musical territory that a traveler like Marco Polo might uncover in this vitally important region today. Produced in collaboration with The Silk Road Project, an international cultural initiative founded by Yo-Yo Ma, this 2-CD set presents traditional music from Afghanistan, China, Iran, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and other Central Eurasian nations and peoples. Most tracks were recorded on location. Includes vocals and instrumentals.

Instruments heard on the CD include: santur, zarb, saz, dombra, duduk, dham duduk, dhol, kamanche, tanbur, ghijak, dutar, tar, daf, violin, ney, shakuhachi, komuz, pipa, guqin, chatkhan, morin khuur, sato, satar, shawms, sheng, drum, cymbals, gongs, jew's harp, qaval, zirbaghali, rubab, qylqobyz, and saz.

A 38-page booklet includes instrument glossary with a few color photos of the performers and instruments.

47 tracks:

CD 1 - Masters & Traditions:
Mahur (Iranian), Fakhri Havasi (Azeri), Balbyraun (Kazakh), Dance of Tamir Agha (Armenian), Dilkash (Azeri), Uchun Dur (Uzbek/ Tajik), Choban Bayati (Azeri), Mokhalef (Iranian), Shushtari (Iranian), Lullaby from Itsuki (Japanese), Ker-Tolgoo (Kyrgyz), Xiao Yue Er Gao ("High Little Moon" - Chinese), Jiu Kuang ("Wine Mad" - Chinese), Kharagay ("The Pine Tree" - Khakas), Ilme ("Hook" - Kazakh), The Gallop of Jonon Khar (Mongolian), The Nightingale (Kyrgyz), The River Herlen (Mongolian), Nava (Uzbek), Woy Bala ("Hey Kid" - Uyghur), Meskin II (Uzbek), Ufar-e Bayat (Tajik/ Uzbek/ Bukharan Jewish), Chabbiyat Tazi Marghul (Uyghur), Shawm & Percussion Band (Chinese).   

CD 2 - Minstrels & Lovers - passionate about music:
1. The Nomadic Sound:
Jew's Harp Melody (Kazakh), Khai (Khakas), Tepen Kok (Kazakh from Mongolia), Kogmen (Khakas), Excerpt from Alpamish Epic (Uzbek), Beyish Namasi ("Melody of Paradise" - Qaraqalpak), Terme (Kazakh), Lament (Turkmen from Iran), Mashq-e Javana (Tajik/Uzbek), Kuu (Kyrgyz).
2. Traditions of Festivity:
Sanam (Uyghur), Charzarb (Tajik), Mizghan-i Siyah ("Black Eyelashes" - Afghan/ Tajik), Love Song (Azeri from Iran), Qara Olu (Kazakh).
3. Spiritual Music: Kertolghau (Kazakh), Dargilik (Tajik), Madh (Tajik), Zikr (Uyghur), Kyrgyz Wisdom Song (Kyrgyz), Allah Madad (Iranian/ Afghan), Alevi Song (Turkish), Sufi Hymn (Turkish). ?


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