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Sing at First Sight
By Andy Beck, Brian Lewis and Karen Farnum Surmani
Size: 10.5" x 7" 
96 pages

A sequential sight singing curriculum for all choirs. Each of the 6 units has 4 lessons to clearly introduce new music reading concepts, reinforcing those concepts with several rhythm and pitch exercises. Students are motivated with helpful hints and challenge exercises and each unit concludes with fun-filled review games and "Evaluating Your Performance" questions. Helpful "Getting Ready" pages precede each unit and contain music fundamentals needed to prepare students for subsequent units. For choirs who have never read music before, there is an optional "Before We Begin" chapter.   


Before You Begin: Beat, Rhythm, Notes, Rests, Staff, Treble Clef, Lines and Spaces, Ledger Lines, Flat, Sharp, Key Signature, Time Signature, Bar Lines, Measures, Double Bar Lines.   

Getting Ready for Unit 1: 4/4 Time, Major Scale, C Major and F Major, Essential Exercise.   

Unit 1: Lesson 1- Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Do, Re; Lesson 2- Half Note, Half Rest, Mi, Fa; Lesson 3- Whole Note, Whole Rest, Sol, La; Lesson 4- Eighth Note, Eighth Rest, Ti, High Do; Choral Designs- Song of Joy by Jay Althouse; Review - Scavenger Hunt, Find the Wrong Note, Evaluating Your Performance.   

Getting Ready for Unit 2: Repeat Sign, 1st and 2nd Endings, G Major and D Major, Essential Exercise.

Unit 2: Lesson 5- Tie; Lesson 6- Dotted Half Note, Low Ti, High Re; Lesson 7- Dotted Quarter Note, Low La, Low Sol; Lesson 8- Intervals, 2nds, 3rds; Choral Designs- Sleep My Child by Mary Donnelly and George Strid; Review.

Getting Ready for Unit 3: Dynamic signs, Crescendo, Decrescendo, Bb Major and Eb Major, Essential Exercise.

Unit 3: Lesson 9 -3/4 Time, 2/4 Time; Lesson 10 - 8ths/Octaves; Lesson 11 - Eighth-Quarter-Eighth Note Pattern, 4ths; Lesson 12 - 5ths; Choral Designs - Where Go the Boats by Dave and Jean Perry; Review.

Getting Ready for Unit 4: Bass Clef, Da Capo, Dal Segno, fine, Coda, A Major and E Major, Essential Exercise.

Unit 4: Lesson 13 - 6ths; Lesson 14 - 7ths; Lesson 15 - Changing Meter, Pick-up Notes; Lesson 16 - Sixteenth Note, Sixteenth-Eighth Note Patterns; Choral Designs - La Musica by Jerry Estes; Review.

Getting Ready for Unit 5: Articulation Marks, Ab Major and Db Major, Essential Exercise.

Unit 5: Lesson 17 - Rounds/Canons; Lesson 18 - Two-Part Harmony; Lesson 19 - Dotted Eighth Note, Dotted Eighth-Sixteenth Note Patterns; Lesson 20 - Triplet; Choral Designs - Frozen December by Jackie O'Neill; Review.

Getting Ready for Unit 6: Tempo Markings; B Major and Gb Major, Essential Exercise.

Unit 6: Lesson 21 - 2/2 Time/Cut Time; Lesson 22 - 6/8 Tme, 9/8 Time; Lesson 23 - Three-Part Harmony (treble); Lesson 24 - Three-Part Harmony (mixed); Choral Designs - Alleluia Madrigal by Donald Moore; Review.

Performance Piece 1: Sing Alleluia, Allelu! by Andy Beck.
Performance Piece 2: I Am a Small Part of the World by Sally Albrecht and Jay Althouse.


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This is a very helpful tool for a beginner like me in the field of music.
Darryl M on May 5, 2013
This is a very helpful tool for a beginner like me in the field of music.
Darryl M on May 5, 2013

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