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Sing, Drum, Play, and Strum
A Comprehensive Approach to Teaching Musicianship Through Folk Songs
By Mari Schay
Softcover Book and CD-ROM
88 pages
Grades 3 – 6


Bring the joy and value of folk songs to your students with Mari’s research-based and engaging approach to music education. Learn multiple ways to use a single song. Each of the fully processed lesson plans will sequentially build, taking your students on a journey from singing a simple folk song in unison to performing in 2-part harmony to a fully-orchestrated arrangement created by them, including everything from pitched and non-pitched percussion to recorder, and even guitar or ukulele accompaniments. Along the way, all the basics of music education will be covered and your students will develop the skills needed to become independent musicians within an ensemble setting. You may also pick and choose the parts most beneficial to your students.


Each lesson is divided into these areas:
Draw Them In – includes historical background, a story, or thinking about the music in a new way

Get Them Singing: In Unison, In Harmony – strategies for teaching good singing skills needed for the song and then strategies to teaching the secondary part of the arrangement.

Get Them Playing: Hand Percussion, Mallet Percussion, Recorders - playing techniques or suggestions for supporting the song with instrumental parts.

Broaden Their Knowledge – some aspect of music theory using the song.

Extend Their Experience – ways to enrich students’ musical experiences and deepen their understanding by composing, arranging, adding movement, or connecting knowledge to core curriculum.


Throughout the text, Mari offers her insights on specific areas of music education and teaching elementary-aged children (Teacher to Teacher). All teaching aids and worksheets referenced in the text are available on the CD as digital files. You will also find reproducible instrumental parts (in both standard and Alphanotes notation), vocal scores, lyric sheets, and recorder visuals (in two formats) as well as performance and accompaniment tracks of each piece.



Sail Away, Ladies

Teacher to Teacher: Singing


Teacher to Teacher: Playing Instruments

When I First Came to This Land

Teacher to Teacher: Listening to Music and Comparing Styles

Old Dan Tucker

Teacher to Teacher: Reading Music Notation

I’s the B’y

Teacher to Teacher: Assessing Students

Drill, Ye Tarriers

Teacher to Teacher: Rehearsing

Sourwood Mountain

Teacher to Teacher: Performing

Erie Canal

Teacher to Teacher: Mari’s Coda



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