Son of Hot Marimba


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Son of Hot Marimba
By Walt Hampton
Beginner through Advanced

Son of Hot Marimba offers 12 songs of varying difficulty, rated on a scale from 1-10. The author gives a suggested arrangement for each, and notes some of the specific challenges associated with preparing and performing each song.  There is no recorded CD that comes with this book, but there are videos on YouTube of his groups, should you want to hear how they have interpreted a few of these songs.  To find the videos, go to and search for 'Bahuru (his high school group), 'Baduku (middle school) or Rugare (elementary). 


Songs (The number in parenthesis indicates difficulty level):
The Trouble with Bees (2)
After School (3)
Twelve Gerbils and a Zip Tie
The Pool on the Savannah (3)
El Matador (5)
S.D.G. (5)
U.F.O. (5)
Rutendo (6)
Senor Hobkins' Last Dance (7)
Babylon's Donut Shop (8)
Someone Else's Cat (8) (The YouTube video below is Walt's Bahuru group performing this song)
Cool #2 (9)




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