Sonor Palisono GBKX 100 Bass Xylophone w/FREE Glock Pack - Limited Time!

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 Save $700 on this limited time offer! 4 for the price of 1! This bundle includes 1 Sonor GBKX 100 Palisono Bass Xylophone AND the Sonor Meisterklasse "Glock Pack" for the special price of $1995! Limited to 3 per customer, and only while supplies last.

Sonor GBKX 100 Palisono Bass Xylophone
16 bars, including F# and Bb Range from c-a1. The overtone tuned bars are made of Palisono, which is a fiberglass material engineered by Sonor to have the full, resonant sound without the challenges that come with traditional, wooden bars. Unlike wood, Palisono is not a hygroscopic material, meaning the pitch is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity, making them ideal for both humid and dry climates. Many handy features are included in the instrument's design, such a solid wood resonator box with attached bar-holder to store the F# and Bb bars when not in use as well as handles on each end. A pair of Sonor SCH 15 yarn xylophone mallets are included. 2-year warranty.

Dimensions of the resonator box are approximately:
35" long and 20" high
12.25" wide at the widest point, and 7.75" at the narrowest point 
With bars on, the widest point is 16.25"

The Meisterklasse "Glock Pack" includes these classroom essentials:
1 TAG 19 Tenor-Alto Diatonic Glockenspiel
2 SG 19 Soprano Diatonic Glockenspiels
3 Pairs of Basic Beat Glockenspiel Mallets

Sonor Meisterklasse glockenspiels continue to be the gold-standard in music classrooms across the world. The fundamentally tuned alloy bars are paired with precision crafted acoustic chambers to give a full, rounded sound. The re-designed resonator box is fully enclosed, making it convenient to be played in a wide array of classroom settings - including on a child's lap! This new design also features longer lasting individual bar pins which means more time for music and less time spent on repairs!

TAG 19 Glockenspiel x 1 (a $230 value!)
19 bars, including F# and Bb. Range from c2-c4. Includes 2 pairs of Sonor mallets - 1 pair of Sonor SCH 3 rubber headed mallets and 1 pair of Sonor SCH 95 wooden headed mallets. 2-year warranty.

SG 19 Glockenspiel x 2 (each a $220 value!)
19 bars, including F# and Bb. Range from c3-c5. Includes 2 pairs of Sonor mallets - 1 pair of Sonor SCH 3 rubber headed mallets and 1 pair of Sonor SCH 95 wooden headed mallets. 2-year warranty.

Basic Beat Mallets x 3 Pair (each pair a $9.99 value!)
Glockenspiel plastic headed mallets are designed to bring out the best sound! Tapered hand grip for correct hand placement. 10.25" in length. All Basic Beat products come with a 1 year satisfaction guarantee!


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