Teaching Kids to Sing 2nd Edition


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By Ken Phillips.

2nd Ed. This research-based text presents a systematic approach to vocal techniques designed for the needs of the young singer (grades 1-12).

392 pages.

Part I: The Young Singer (introduction to 90 sequential singing exercises detailed in Part II)
Chapter 1: Vocal Pedagogy for Young Singers
Chapter 2: The Psychomotor Process
Chapter 3: Vocal Parameters
Chapter 4: The Child and Adolescent Singer
Chapter 5: The Healthy Voice

Part II: Vocal Technique for Young Singers
Chapter 6: Vocal-Technique Curriculum (includes scope and sequence for grades 1-6, grades 4-6 or 7-9 and grades 9/10-12)
Chapter 7: Respiration
Chapter 8: Phonation
Chapter 9: Resonant Tone Production
Chapter 10: Diction
Chapter 11: Expression
Chapter 12: Vocal-Technique Summaries (learning-sequence outlines for grades 1-6, grades 4-6 or 7-9 and grades 9/10-12)



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