Ten to Teach Rhythm


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Ten to Teach Rhythm
By Artie Almeida, Matthew C. Cremisio and Jennifer Lee-Alden, Donna Dirksing, Brigid Finucane, Brian Hiller and Don Dupont, Deborah A. Imiolo, Diane Lange, Konnie Saliba, Mari Schay, and Phyllis Thomas
Book and Enhanced CD
32 pages
Grades K - 6

Who doesn't love a good lesson revolving around rhythmic activities and learning? This resource offers you ten hot-off-the-press lessons, ready to round out your rhythmic repertoire. From basic skills to complex rhythmic figures and syncopation, you'll find that it is easy to implement these lessons thanks to the inclusion of all referenced visuals and worksheets. Time to rev up your rhythm lessons! 

Lesson Title - Grade Levels - Concepts
My Mother, Your Mother - K-1 - Rhythmic Improvisation
Peas Porridge Hot - K-2 - Quarter Notes and Rests, Paired Eighth Notes
Los Pollitos - 1-2 - Quarter Notes and Rests, Paired Eighth Notes
Fly Away! - 2-3 - Meter in 3, Macrobeat/Microbeat, Half and Dotted Half Notes
Weather! - 2-3 - Beat vs. Rhythm, Ostinato
Meet the Half Note - 2-3 - Half Note
Rocky Mountain Drum Game - 3-5 - Eighth, Quarter, Half, and Whole Notes
Fun with Meters - 4-5 - Meter in 2, 3, and 5
Newspaper - 4-6 - Eighth and Sixteenth Note Combinations
Swip Swap - 5-6 - Syncopation


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