Texts On Theory And Practice Of Orff - Schulwerk V. 1 Basic Texts 1932-2010


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Texts on Theory and Practice of Orff-Schulwerk
from the Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg
Basic Texts from the Years 1932 – 2010

Edited by Barbara Haselbach

Softcover book
345 pages

The authors of Orff-Schulwerk and their closest cooperators describe the basics of what has become unquestionable common knowledge of Elemental Music and Dance Pedagogy. Written in German and English, the selected texts present a necessary theoretical completion of the experiences of practical work. They give a foundation and justification of it.


These study texts are intended for all those attending introductory and further development Orff-Schulwerk courses, or who are wishing to explore and learn about it within the framework of a Music and/or Dance Education training, whether it be about its origins or the way it has evolved through time.  It is hoped they will inspire further individual thought and teaching.


Gunild Keetman - Memories of the Gunther-Schule (1978) 

Carl Orff -Thoughts about Music with Children and Non-professionals (1932)

Dorothee Gunther -The Rhythmic Person and Their Education (1932)

Carl Orff - Music out of Movement (1932)

Dorothee Gunther - Elemental Dance (1962)

Wilhelm Keller - Elemental Music – an Attempt to Define It (1962)

Carl Orff - Orff-Schulwerk: Past & Future (1963)

Werner Thomas – “In the Beginning was the Word…” – on the Significance of the Spoken Word in Orff-Schulwerk (1969)

Hermann Regner – Carl Orff’s Educational Ideas – Utopia and Reality (1975)

Barbara Haselbach – Reflections on the Dance Educational Aspects of Orff-Schulwerk (1984/2010)

Hermann Regner – “Musik fur Kinder – Music for Children – Musique pour Enfants.” Comments on the Adoption and Adaptation of Orff-Schulwerk in other Countries (1984)

Ulrike E. Jungmair – Elemental Music and Movement Education. Focus on Fundamentals and Anthropological Aspects (1997/2010)

Rudolf Nykrin – 50 Years “Music for Children – Orff-Schulwerk.” Thoughts about the Present Status of a Music Educational Classic (2000/2010)


Selected Bibliography and Discography
Information about the Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg


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