The Book of SongTales for Upper Grades


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The Book of Songtales for Upper Grades
By John Feierabend
144 pages
Grades 2+

The tradition of telling stories in song goes back centuries in the form of broadsides and ballads. Topics included love, religion, legends, and early journalism, which is how information about disasters, political events, wonders and prodigies was spread or learned. These songs were sung and listened to by villagers and kings.
John M. Feierabend has compiled this delightful collection of songs that tell stories. This collection is intended for older students who might still enjoy hearing the songs sung by their teacher, or who might enjoy singing the songs themselves; a perfect follow up to The Book of Children's SongTales.
These SongTales are organized by subject matter; Great Places; Life, Love, and Happy Endings; Life, Love, and Sad Endings; Other Humorous Songs; Sea Songs; and Work Songs and Life.

This beautifully illustrated collection is perfect for anyone who wants to pass on the tradition of telling stories in song.

Songs by Title:
A-D: A Capital Ship, Barbara Allen, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Billy Boy, Bluetail Fly, Bold fisherman, Brennan on the Moor (2 versions), Butternut Hill, Cape Cod Girls, Cat Came Back, Daughter Will You Marry?, Dead Horse Chantey, Drill Ye Tarriers

E-K: Eighteen Hundred and fifty-One, Father Grumble, Golden Willow Tree, Goober Peas (Civil War Song), Good Old Man, Groundhog (2 versions), Housewife's Lament,  I Love Sixpence, In Good Old Colony Times, Jam on Gerry's Rock, Jenny Wren, John Barleycorn, John Riley, Jolly Thresher, Kangaroo, Kitty of Coleraine

L-Q: Limady, Lincolnshire Poacher, Lord Lovell, Low Low Lands of Holland, Man Wouldn't Hoe Corn, Maple Sweet, Mermaid, My Father Is Dead, Nightingale, Oleana, Paddy's Not at Work Today, Paper of Pins, Perrie Merrie Dixi Domini, Poor Little Sailor Boy, Pretty Polly Oliver

R-Z: Rattlesnake, Robbery, Robin and John, Shanty Boys, Spin Spin, Springfield Mountain, Sweet Betsy from Pike, Terrible Tale, There Was an Old Lady, Three Young Ladies, Titanic, To Work Upon the Railway, Waltzing Matilda, Whale, When Are We Gonna Get Married?, When I First Came to This Land, When I Was a Little Boy, Widdicombe Fair, Windy Old Weather, Wraggle Taggle Gypsies


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