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The Music Show Season 1
Video Series Starring Luigi's Baton and Mike
By John Jacobson and Roger Emerson
Book and video, audio and digital lesson access
32 pages
Grades 1 - 3

Luigi Baton, side-kick Mike the Microphone, and other animated characters introduce the FUNdamentals of music to young students. Cadence the Drummer and Fret the Guitar teach beat, tempo, melody, and more. The resource features:

  • Full color digital lessons with embedded video episodes
  • Projectable and reproducible song charts with lyrics and embedded audio
  • Activity visuals to reinforce musical concepts
  • Lesson plans that feature goals, vocabulary, and learning sequence

All projectable content is included via digital access. Performance and accompaniment recordings are also available in a separate download folder.

The Beat Is the Heart of the Music
I've Got Rhythm, How 'Bout You?
Take a Rest
We're Gonna Sing High, Low and in the Middle
Presto Is Fast, Largo Is Slow
Lines and Spaces, Baby!


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