The Musical Brain


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The Musical Brain
Hosted by Sting and Daniel Levitin
Running Time: 60 minutes

Why are certain songs so important to us? Does music make us smarter? Why do we feel like dancing when we hear a beat?

Inspired by Dr. Daniel Levitin's book, This is Your Brain on Music, international recording superstar Sting agreed to put his own musical brain to the test to find out how various types of music--complex and simple--affect him, on an emotional and a physical level. In addition to discussing his passion for music, he and Dr. Levitin looked to state-of-the art technology--including an FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine--to understand just what Sting's musical brain reveals about him.

Also featuring candid interviews with Michael Bublé, Feist, and Wyclef Jean, THE MUSICAL BRAIN is a unique inside look at what these musicians have learned about the power of music in their lives.


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