The Other Day I Met a Bear


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The Other Day I Met a Bear
By John Feierabend, Illustrated by Julia Love Miller
Hardcover with downloadable content
32 pages


The classic echo song The Other Day I Met a Bear is strikingly illustrated in the latest installment of John M. Feierabend's First Steps in Music series.  Feierabend has taken the song from being a scary encounter between a human and a bear, and transformed it into a playful encounter between a fox and a bear. The illustrations enhance the playfulness of the encounter, and use different points of view to support the story.

The artwork was created on scratchboard, a white clay surface coated with black ink. Using a variety of sharp tools, the artist scratched through the black ink to reveal the white surface beneath, one hair at a time!

The lyrics and melody are printed at the back of the book, along with a link to download two free mp3 versions of the song.


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