The Rudimental Cookbook


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The Rudimental Cookbook by Edward Fretag includes the book and CD.  The definitive snare drum solo-method book. Includes the 26 American Standard Rudiments, the Percussive Arts Society Rudiments, an extensive list of Drum Corps Hybrid Rudiments and 25 rudimental contest solos.


Full Song List: 

Hot Licks, Accentuate, 5 + 2 = 7, Straight Six Eight, Add a Pop, Single Strokin', Para Flams, Crazy Eights, Diddles-R-Us, Seven and Six, Draggin' the Seven, Diddle City, Funky Fat, Legend of a Two-Eyed Soldier, Five Against Two, Mean Man Matt, Shala', Odyssey II, First, In Pulse, Prattfalls, Method to My Madness, Hit-N-Run, Tuo Kaerf, And the Kitchen Sink.




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