Three Tapping Teddies


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Three Tapping Teddies
Musical stories and chants for the very young
By Kaye Umansky
64 pages
Ages 3 - 5

Collection of traditional and new stories told by Kaye Umansky. Each contains a song, a rap or a chant, and each is followed by musical activities in performance, listening, and composition.

Little Red Riding Hood (contrast singing and speaking)
Brer Rabbit's talking house (exploring vocal tone)
The little house (exploring vocal and instrumental sound quality)
The meanest king (responding with movement to sound signals)
Pinocchio (moving in time to steady beat)
Three tapping teddies (moving in time to steady beat and controlling volume)
Goldilock's tale (contrasting fast and slow, and contrasting pitch)
The magical musical box (contrasting ways of playing instruments, and controlling volume)
Squintum's (selecting instrumental sound effects)
The big blue jeep and the little white trike (story with instrumental sounds)
Chicken Licken (accumulating layers of sound)
The green wide-mouthed tree frog (playing short rhythm patterns on instruments)
Please, Mr. Noah (accumulating vocal then instrumental rhythm patterns)
The aliens (making up sound patterns; telling a story in sound)
Cinderella (creating an instrumental accompaniment to a song)

Song melodies (all melodies are in staff notation with guitar chords) 


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