Two Of Everything


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Two of Everything
By Lily Toy Hong
Ages 5-8 years 

When old Mr. Haktak digs up a curious brass pot in his garden, he has no idea what use it can be. On his way home, Mr. Haktak decides to carry his coin purse in the mysterious pot.

But when Mrs. Haktak's hairpin accidentally slips into the pot and she reaches in to retrieve it, the magic of the pot is revealed. Not only are there two hairpins inside, but there are also two purses - and therefore double the coins Mr. Haktak had before! The Haktaks are delighted; soon, they realize, they wuill have two of everything, and will no longer be poor.

But magic often brings trouble with it. The very next day, in the midst of celebrating her good fortune, Mrs. Haktak herself falls into the pot, and the trouble begins...

Lily Toy Hong's spirited retelling of a comic but wise Chinese folktale finds its perfect complement in the author's rich and witty illustrations.


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