Ukulele for Guitar Players


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Ukulele For Guitar Players
Hosted by Marcy Marxer

The Ukulele For Guitar Players DVD steps you through a primer covering everything you need to know about different types of ukuleles, tunings and fingerings -- adapting what you likely already know about guitar to the ukulele. If you are not a guitar player, you're still in the right place. Learn the ukulele chords one at a time. Repeat the lessons as many times as it takes for you to feel comfortable before moving on to the next lesson. This approach will save you a lot of time. The interactive video format of the course is the second reason your uke journey should start here—you will play your way through the course, interacting with Marcy as if she were right in front of you. Marcy will demonstrate the technique in the lesson, and then you put what you learn to use immediately by joining her on a video play-along. No boring exercises. No tedious theory. No reading. No complicated charts. The Ukulele For Guitar Players DVD will get you playing uke in a flash!

Includes Hands-On Learning Tools:

  • Text Lesson Guide
  • Standard Notation
  • Guitar Tab
  • Guitar Pro Files
  • Practice Rhythm Tracks
  • Bonus Material
  • Secure PIN enclosed for quick and easy download of learning tools

Running Time: 2:55


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