Vic Firth Pesante M205 Soft Vibe Mallets

Brand: Vic Firth

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The Vic Firth Pesante M205 Soft Vibe Mallets produce a big low-end sound with articulation to help bring out the written line in the low register. These mallets are wrapped in a high density cord for enhanced articulation while still achieving a dark and pleasing sound quality. Rattan shafts are used with all models in this series for ideal feel with these weighted mallets.

The musical term “Pesante” means to “play with weight and emphasis”. And with these extraordinary marimba/vibraphone mallets, this is just what you can expect to achieve. All of the mallets within the Pesante Series produce a dark and bold sound that project with a beautiful sonority!

While ultimately designed for the keyboard choir, these mallets are also an outstanding choice for enhancing the tonal color and projection for marimba and vibraphone when playing within every conceivable ensemble including orchestra, wind ensemble, marching band, drum corps and indoor marching and concert groups.


Length = 16 3/16"


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