Vic Firth Signature SBRLNTD Buddy Rich Limted Edition Nylon Tip Drum Sticks

Brand: Vic Firth

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Our Perspective

In my nearly 30 years of drumming I have never found a better stick than the Vic Firth SBR.  These sticks are longer and thicker than a standard 5A but still light enough for jazz and acoustic applications.  The unique taper and tip design give these sticks an incredible feel with amazing rebound off the drums and cymbals.  There has never been another drummer quite like Buddy Rich and there has never been another stick quite like the Vic Firth SBR.  -Alex


The Vic Firth Signature SBRLNTD Buddy Rich Limted Edition Nylon Tip Drum Sticks are a modified 5A with a larger tip, neck and shoulder. Buddy Rich is quite possibly the most recognized jazz drummer of all time. He fundamentally changed the role of the drummer to center stage with his inimitable style.These sticks feature a limited edition logo commemorating Buddy's 100th birthday.


Length = 16 5/16"  

Diameter = .590"



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