Vic Firth Soundpower BD8 Grandioso Bass Drum Mallet

Brand: Vic Firth

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The Vic Firth Soundpower BD8 Grandioso Bass Drum Mallet has increased weight to fully activate the fundamental of the bass drum. The BD8 creates a round‚ warm sound when played at lower dynamics and when needed‚ produces the ultimate fortissimo! Great for drum corps‚ marching band‚ indoor marching and concert playing.

The musical term Grandioso means to play "in a grand‚ imposing and noble style". That’s exactly what you will achieve with the BD8!

The Soundpower bass drum mallets combine seamless, round felt heads with tapered maple handles for deep, dark sound without excessive weight. The exception is the BD8 with its extraordinary weight and contoured shaft.

Head = 3 3/8"

Length = 17"


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