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Wander the World with Warm-Ups
40 Fun Warm-Ups Using Songs from 20 Countries
By Lynn M. Brinckmeyer
56 pages

The next time you use warm-ups, wander the world with your choir! This collection of forty simple folk songs from twenty different countries is the perfect resource for you. They can be easily memorized for immediate focus and the recommended strategies allow the warm-ups to work for both beginning and advanced singers. Help refine students' ability to listen to each other, unify vowels and tune chords all while experiencing beautiful and dynamic songs of other cultures.

Teaching Ideas and Advanced Extensions are given for almost every round/warm-up.

Austria - Glockenjodler
Camada  - Land of the Silver Birch
Czechoslovakia - Ifca's Castle
Denmark - Clapping Land
France - French Folk Song
Ghana - Obwisana
Israel - Artza Alinu
Israel - Hevenu Shalom Aleichem
Israel - Hineh Ma Tov
Israel - S'vivon
Japan - Kaeru No Uta
Japan - Kagome
Lesotho - thula, thula, Ngoana
Liberia - Kokoleoko
Mexico - Caballito Blanco
Mexico - Fray Martin
Netherlands - Sarasponda
New Zealand - Epo I Tai Tai E
Nigeria - Funwa Alfafia
Nigeria - Eh Soom Boo Kawaya
Nigeria - Ise Oluwa
Russia - Vesper Hymn
South Africa - Mangoane mpulele
Sweden - Ritsch, Ratsch
Trinidad - Boysie
United States - In That Great Gittin' Up Mornin'
United States - Neesa, Neesa
United States - Oh, Freedom
United States - Standin' in the Need of Prayer
Zaire - Kee-Chee

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